1st Annual Swag Fest Turnout

The 2011 Swag Fest showcase turned out to be unexpectedly successful. Without knowledge of exactly was this event was, many students of Southern Illinois University doubted a massive crowd, but they were wrong. The Swag Fest filled nearly all ballrooms, A-D, forcing those who were late to standup. Hosted by E. Brown & London Lo, this event was one of the biggest modeling and greek showcases at SIU. Be on the look out for next years Swag Fest; more fun and entertainment to come.

Checkout E. Brown’s newest remix to “Stay Schemin” feat. Jayz (Bocot). This is one of E. Brown’s first music videos he’s directed and edited himself. Special thanks goes to Michael Crafton for assisting E. Brown with filming along with Jordan Johnson as well.

After watching Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, E. Brown thought he had what it takes to box in the ring

Checkout SIU’s Club Basketball Team! This is a sneak preview of the documentary E. Brown, team’s head coach, is producing.

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