E. Brown, 23 years of age, is the youngest of three children raised on the west side of Chicago. Growing up in a malicious neighborhood, E. Brown escaped trouble by attending his father’s church and learning the piano along with organ, drums, and guitar at the age of 5. E. Brown always had more of a passion for the piano and channeled his inner voice into a transition of singing and rapping. E. Brown’s style of music is a mixture of hip-hop, soul, and R&B; his lyrics focuses on reality, love, and making love. E. Brown is finding his way to the top through incredible perseverance, while simultaneously attending Southern Illinois University working towards receiving his Masters Degree. “I’m praying that by the time I graduate, my career in the music or media industry will be waiting for me”, say’s E. Brown. With faith in God, E. Brown is very confident nothing will stop him from being a successful man in life. “I’m just a billion dollar handyman just waiting on the right person to give me that one chance to demonstrate my talents”, E. Brown said. So who will be first to discover him? 


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